Date: 17th June 2016
VDE Standard Industrial Cables H07RN8-FApplication and DescriptionThese cables particularly for use in fresh water up to 10 m depth with a maximum water temperature up to 40?C ,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, such as tde onnection of submersible pumps or similar applications.Not suitable for underwater power transmission or installation in a watercourse, or where it is possible that mechanical damage might occur and cause a hazard.Indirect underground installation is allowed provided tdat there is mechanically protection of the cables.These cables are manufactured according to the Standard and Approval CEI 20- 19/16 (CENELEC HD 22.16). It is the only cable that thVDEe installation Standard and Approval CEI 64-8 at section 702 allows for installation in swimming pools and fountains.For connections liable to moderate mechanical stresses, i.e. industrial or agricultural workshop apparatus, large boilers, heater plates, electric tools such as drills and disk saws, electric appliances, portable motors and generators on building sites; also for fixed installations along floors or shelving on temporary job sites, for connecting structural elements in lifting apparatus, machinery, etc.Suitable for applications up to 1000 V for adequately protected fixed installations ( i.e. inside pipes or equipment) as well as for rotor connections to lifting apparatus motors. They are Ozone, UV & weatder resistantStandard and ApprovalHD22.16 S1, VDE-0282 Part-16, CEI 20-19 p.16, CE low voltage directive 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC., ROHS compliantCable Construction- Fine bare copper strands- Strands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Class-5- Rubber core insulation EI4 to VDE-0282 Part-1- Color code VDE-0293-308 and HD 186- Polychloroprene rubber (neoprene) jacket EM2Technical Characteristics- Working voltage: 450/750 volts- Test voltage: 2500 volts- Flexing bending radius: 6.0 x ?- Fixed bending radius: 4.0 x ?- Flexing Temperature: -25? C to +60? C- Fixed Temperature: -40? C to +60? C- Max Water Temperature: +40? C- Short circuit temperature: +250 ? C- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1- Insulation resistance: 20 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREA # X MM?NOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONMMNOMINAL THICKNESS OF SHEATHMMNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETER MM MIN-MAXNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTKG/KMNOMINAL WEIGHTKG/KM17(32/32)2 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 2.50.9213.3-17.012034514(50/30)7 x x x x x 411.57.2-9.0389912(56/28)2 x 411.811.8-15.17727012(56/28)3 x 411.912.7-16.211532012(56/28)4 x 41214.0-17.915439512(56/28)5 x 412.215.6-19.919248512(56/28)7 x 413.118.2-21.826968110(84/28)1 x 611.67.9-9.85813010(84/28)3 x 612.114.1-18.017349510(84/28)4 x 612.315.7-20.023061010(84/28)5 x 61.23.617.5-22.22887608(80/26)1 x x 101.23.319.1-24.22888808(80/26)4 x 101.23.420.9-26.538410608(80/26)5 x 101.23.622.9-29.148013006(128/26)1 x 161.21.910.8-13.41543206(128/26)3 x 161.23.521.8-27.646110906(128/26)4 x 161.23.623.8-30.161413456(128/26)5 x 161.23.926.4-33.376816804 (200/26)1 x251.4212.7-15.82404504 (200/26)4 x (200/26)5 x 251.44.432.0-40.4120024702 (280/26)1 x 351.42.214.3-17.93366052 (280/26)3 x 351.44.129.3-37.1100819002 (280/26)4 x 351.44.432.5-41.1134426452 (280/26)5 x 351.44.737.0-45.0168028101 (400/26)1 x 501.62.416.5-20.64808251 (400/26)4 x 501.64.837.7-47.5192036351 (400/26)5 x 501.65.140.0-50.8240040502/0 (356/24)1 x 701.62.618.6-23.367210902/0 (356/24)4 x 701.65.242.7-54.0268848303/0 (485/24)1 x 951.82.820.8-26.091214053/0 (485/24)4 x 951.85.948.4-61.0364863204/0 (614/24)1x 1201.8322.8-28.6115217464/0 (614/24)4 x 1201.8653.0-66.046086830300 MCM (765/24)1 x 15023.225.2-31.414401887300 MCM (765/24)4 x 15026.458.0-73.057608320350 MCM (944/24)1 x 1852.23.427.6-34.417762274350 MCM (944/24)4 x 1852.26.864.0-80.071049800500 MCM (1221/24)1x 2402.43.530.6-38.323.42956500 MCM (1221/24)4x 2402.47.272.0-90.0921612100-1 x 3002.63.633.5-41.928803479
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